4 Kid-Friendly Ways to Thank Veterans

Imaginative ways for children to celebrate Veterans Day on November 11

By Melissa Basgall, publisher of Macaroni KID Overland Park-Olathe-Shawnee, Kan. November 6, 2023

Celebrated on November 11 each year, Veterans Day is a time to honor and express gratitude to those who have served our country in the armed forces. 

Veterans Day is an excellent opportunity for children to engage in creative and meaningful ways to thank veterans for their service. We have four fun and creative ways for children to show their appreciation while developing an understanding of the sacrifices made.

By involving our children in Veterans Day festivities, we can ensure that the spirit of gratitude on Veterans Day is passed down for generations to come!

Bake homemade treats.

Baking treats for veterans is a heartwarming gesture in which kids can actively participate. Children can get creative in the kitchen, whipping up batches of cookies, brownies, or other favorite treats.

Once the treats are ready, beautifully package them and distribute them to local veterans' organizations, VA hospitals, or even veterans in your own neighborhood. It's a simple way for kids to make Veterans Day a little sweeter.

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Organize a donation drive.

Getting children involved in collecting donations for local veterans' organizations is an incredible way to give back and learn valuable lessons.

Rally your neighborhood, church, scout troop, sports team, or friends and family, and ask them to contribute an item for your donation drive. Often organizations serving veterans have their donation wish lists available online, but if not, contact your local organizations to find out what they accept.

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Create a "Thank You" chalk art mural.

Chalk art is a fun way for kids to express gratitude. Create it in your driveway or neighborhood sidewalk, or ask your local VA Hospital or other veterans' organization if you can create a mural outside their building.

These creations will serve as colorful and creative reminders of the community's support for our nation's heroes.

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Make cards for veterans.

One of the most heartfelt ways for kids to thank veterans is by creating cards. Encourage your children to craft cards with colorful markers, stickers, and heartfelt messages. These cards can convey their appreciation for the sacrifices veterans made for our country.

Send them to veterans you know and love, or drop a bundle off at your local nursing home or veterans' hospital. Both will have plenty of veterans in their care who will appreciate this token of appreciation from our youngest Americans.

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