Turn Summer Slump Into Exciting Learning Adventures with Code Ninjas

By Andy Lathrop, Owner of Code Ninjas Castle Rock and Code Ninjas Parker February 29, 2024

Spring break is right around the corner, and then... summer! The kiddos will dream of sleeping in, long days at the pool, and just not... going... to... school! 

It’s a well-deserved break but can also lead to what experts call the summer slide: potentially losing about 25% of school-year knowledge gains. However, engaging in even a few (fun) mentally stimulating activities during summer can keep the academic momentum going over the break and ease the transition back to school in the fall. 

As you make summer plans, here are a few activities that can help beat summer learning loss.

  • Travel and cultural experiences are great learning experiences for children.
    If you’re visiting a national park, the Junior Ranger program helps maximize the trip as kids learn and answer questions about the park and report back to a park ranger in order to earn a unique badge. Closer to home, consider one of the many interactive Denver museums.

  • DIY and craft projects.
    This one is challenging for me because I need lots of assistance to change a light bulb or hang a picture. But my daughter and I have begun our journey of learning to sew, and it’s a fun, rewarding, and practical activity to do together. Other ideas include building a robot, starting a garden, or checking out a local craft/DIY workshop venue and letting them help you!

  • Volunteering can provide children with a sense of purpose.
    Volunteering and community service opportunities also build skills like leadership, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication. Consider volunteering as a family at places like an animal shelter, library, church, or nursing home. While you’re there, have your child interview some of the employees to learn about the responsibilities of real-world jobs and discuss how it might relate to what they learn in school.

  • Summer camps offer exposure to new concepts and ideas in a short duration. 
    Let your child explore and “sample” new experiences like music, language, computer science, and sports. Learning something new improves confidence and helps beat boredom. The shorter camp format can provide this at a lower cost and lower risk of losing interest than a full “season” during the school year.

If your child loves gaming, tech, or science, consider a Code Ninjas summer camp. Code Ninjas Castle Rock and Code Ninjas Parker offer week-long STEM camps in exciting topics like:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • 3D printing
  • Circuits
  • Game design
  • Minecraft and Roblox
  • And much more!

Half-day and full-day options are available. Kids gain valuable tech skills and make new friends, all while having a blast!

Have a great summer, and don’t be afraid to spice it up with some challenges and learning opportunities for your kids!

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