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Music lasts a lifetime.

Children's Music Academy offers young children fun, positive, and creative music lessons. We maximize the "musical window™"- the age when a child's musical ear is most trainable, in the same way children readily absorb new languages!

Our approach is holistic. Our curriculum is multi-dimensional and teaches piano/keyboard, singing, theory (harmony, melody, rhythm, note reading, key signatures, time signatures, scales), ear training, composition, ensemble playing, various music genres and styles, guitar, recorder and a variety of percussion instruments.

We are incredibly hands-on, and kids fully participate with music on all levels. Our unique group classes are designed to captivate a child's interest and imagination through engaging, age-appropriate activities and games. We make learning fun.

And for the win... PARENTS! Mom or Dad (or often a Grandparent) participates in the class with their child. Parent involvement encourages musical togetherness and play and is key to a child's musical growth.

As a parent, you're getting a two-for-one deal — you'll learn the same skills as your child! But even more importantly, you're getting a weekly musical date with your child.

Come check us out and see for yourself. Sign up for a free preview class, and discover the wonder of music!

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Children's Music Academy of Castle Rock
1300 Park St.
Castle Rock, CO 80109

(720) 323-3200

Children's Music Academy of Parker
10158 So Parker Rd. Unit #105
Parker, CO 80138

(720) 571-3020

Business Review

"I am in love with CMA. I have seen such confidence and growth in my son since he started. I think his confidence growing in piano has flowed over to other areas of his life." –Jenny, Mom of a CMA graduate

"CMA was a great program for our family. I love the approach that involves parents in the learning and teaching. CMA involves lots of different methods of learning music and that kept our son interested and engaged." –Kathleen, Mom of a CMA graduate

"I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed CMA. It will truly be one of the highlights of motherhood with my daughter. CMA has been the greatest gift I’ve had — to get to spend time with her for 3½ years." –Mom of a CMA graduate


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