SwimLabs Summer Swim Camps

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At SwimLabs, we know the better you can see your stroke, the faster you can improve it. So from young kids who are just learning to swim to competitive swimmers who need an added edge, our unique facility provides instant video feedback that transforms swim instruction.

It’s the same technique and technology used by Olympic swimmers. And it’s now available at a SwimLabs near you!

Team Prep
This three-day program is designed for swimmers ages 7-12 preparing for summer swim teams.

  • Each session is 45 minutes
  • Sessions focus on stroke development and legality of each stroke
  • Team Prep is $95.25 per three-day program

This three-day program is designed for beginner and intermediate swimmers to give them a little extra "push" in their swim lessons. Structured like a group swim class, swimmers come three days in a row to keep the lesson momentum going and give enough consistency to "master" a skill set without a whole week between lessons.

  • Sessions run weekly from June 7 through June 30. See complete schedule here.
  • SwimJams are available for Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Beginner 3, and Intermediate
  • SwimJam (new swimmers): 30-minute daily classes for $69 per week

Exclusive Offer for Macaroni Kid Readers
Mention Macaroni Kid and we will waive the registration fee!


Business Review

"We love SwimLabs, everyone from the front desk staff to the coaches! We wouldn't go anywhere else!"

"We love the environment and expertise. It is a great additive to get the kids ready for summer."

"The technology is spectacular and shows you things that you don't see when you are on top of the water. It is a wonderful tool to help competitive swimmers see and improve their strokes."