Inspire to Learn & Imagine (I2LI)

Let us bring the fun to your house for your child's birthday this year!

We do all the planning, set up, hosting, and clean up so you can have an unforgettable experience without having to do it all yourself.

LEGO®-Themed Parties (Ages 3-12)

Our LEGO-themed birthday parties include several fun games with LEGO® bricks and a fun motorized LEGO® Technic build. Children will build unique I2LI LEGO® models and program those to move in different ways and sound.

If time allows, children can modify their builds to show off their engineering skills.

Escape Room Parties (Ages 7-14)

Escape room birthday parties include a one-hour escape room and some "brainy" pre-escape room activities to get kids' brains ready for a challenge. We will bring the escape room to you! You give us the room, and we turn it into the fun Escape Room! 

We decorate it, add the puzzles, and hide the clues. Kids have an hour to solve all clues and escape! 

Do you feel like adding a little competition mood? We can also reset the room and let the parents try to escape it. Who will escape faster — children or parents?

With each birthday party, we spend the entire 90 minutes with kids, entertaining them and ensuring they are safe and having fun. At the same time, parents can relax and enjoy adult conversations.

After our part is completed, all you have left is to feed the kids with pizza and cake. The birthday party is done — AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE! 

The birthday child always receives a cool gift from us, and we have various add-ons with gifts and goodie bags for your guest. Prices start from $250.  


Business Review

"[Our kids] attended different camps and/or b-day parties led by this company and have absolutely loved them all. The activities are fun, the schedule managed in a timely manner, and the owner has a caring and helping personality with most important specialty — she is fantastic with kids! Totally looking forward to sending the kids this summer to these camps as well." –Inna B.

"Our son Daniel absolutely loved his weekly LEGO club. He looked forward to it and would ask every day if it was 'Lego club day.' Thank you so much for taking the time to make it such a great experience for him, we will definitely be doing this again!" –Sarah Beth J.

"I hosted a LEGO party at my house for my son's 6th birthday; it was a huge success! They arrived 15 min early for set up, and when each kid arrived they engaged the kids and included them in the activity. It was easy, fun, and organized; I highly recommend it!" 


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