Inspire to Learn & Imagine (I2LI)

Inspire to Learn & Imagine programs offer a safe place for kids to enjoy playing, learning, and creating — where children build their self-confidence while triggering their lively imaginations.

We believe kids learn best when they are having fun. Our hands-on programs inspire kids ages 3-14 to remember what they learn, imagine, and create!

I2LI offers enrichment programs, camps, seasonal workshops, party entertainment, and in-school field trips!

 Enrichment Progams 

Inspire to Learn & Imagine enrichment programs are based on the Core Knowledge approach and integrate science, history, architecture, math, and language arts.

  • After-School Classes: After-school enrichment classes are offered at schools. Classes generally last one hour each week and begin immediately after school.
  • Preschool Classes: Preschool classes for ages 3-5 (Pre-K only) are fun and interactive programs to build on children's knowledge of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, and more.
  • Field Trips: In-school field trips and holiday workshops are an exciting time to create with friends. Everything is possible when you work with Inspire to Learn & Imagine!

We host birthday parties in a location in Parker or in your home. Our programs are geared towards ages 3-14 (some programs can be customized for older ages). We are local, flexible, and we care! 

Party attendees work on special projects, play games, and engage in challenges. Children explore science, history, technology, art, and math concepts while having lots of fun imagining and creating! Our programs include Maker Programs, LEGO-inspired programs, STEMplicity Games, Survivor Junior Games, and Escape Rooms!


Business Review

"[Our kids] attended different camps and/or b-day parties led by this company and have absolutely loved them all. The activities are fun, the schedule managed in timely manner, and the owner has caring and helping personality with most important specialty — she is fantastic with kids! Totally looking forward to send the kids this summer to these camps as well." –Inna B.

"Our son Daniel absolutely loved his weekly LEGO club. He looked forward to it and would ask every day if it was 'Lego club day.' Thank you so much for taking the time to make it such a great experience for him, we will definitely be doing this again!" –Sarah Beth J.

"I had my doubts at first about how feasible this camp would be for us, because it was quite a drive from where we live (35 minutes), but my son loved the idea and I decided to give it a try. Seeing how happy he was there and how much he was looking forward to every new day there made me realize I did the right thing and will do it again next school break!"  –Victoria