Party Safari

Party Safari has a hands-on enthusiastic approach, which will leave those involved inspired by what they have learned — and excited for more!

My name is Randy Lewis (B.S. Biology, M.A. Zoology) and I firmly believe in the value of teaching through hands-on experiences.

Though I have taught at the university level, I feel that Party Safari is far more important because it allows me to impact kids before their fears take hold and they have lost their wonder for nature.

2019 GOLD Daisy Award Winner for Best Party Entertainer!

At Party Safari we have two birthday party experiences available: 

  • One-hour learning option which includes 12 animals for $200
  • Two-hour learning option which includes 18 animals for $325

We offer a significant discount for classroom settings (<26 kids per presentation) with a one-hour learning option including 12 animals for $150 or two consecutive one-hour presentations (two consecutive classes) with 12 animals for $250.

I look forward to sharing my exotic animals with you!