Teepees, Tents, & Pajamas

Teepees, Tents, & Pajamas delivers themed tents and teepees to you for any occasion! 

We offer sleepovers, picnic parties, spa add-ons, and even sleep-unders for those not quite ready for an overnight. Catering to kids and teens for birthdays, summer sleepovers, family celebrations... you name it! Adults can even get in on the fun for birthdays, bachelorette parties, girls' nights, and special picnic dinner parties with our luxe low-dining tables. 

Our sleepovers provide each guest with a personal tent (or teepee), comfortable mattress, sheet, blanket, decorative themed pillows, garland, twinkle or pendant lights, bed tray, and decorations. We even include a personalized sleep mask.

Some of our themes include:

  • Adventure CampIN
  • Mermaids
  • Under the Stars
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Sports Night
  • Unicorn
  • Dreams & Feathers
  • Luxe Glamping
  • And many more! 

Let us do all the work… all rentals include delivery, set up/styling, pick up the next day, and laundering! 

Parties can definitely be better in pajamas! 


Business Review

"My girls had a blast at their 1st slumber party! They loved playing games, watching movies, and sleeping in their rainbow-unicorn teepees! Everything looked amazing, and the process for booking, paying, delivering, and clean up was super simple! Highly recommend!" –Alysha K.

"I cannot recommend this company enough! I recently hosted a party of eight girls, and Teepees, Tents, & Pajamas provided sleeping arrangements for each of them! Not only were the supplies beautiful, soft, and exciting, but the preparation, set up, and take down processes were seamless. This is the perfect way to make any child’s sleepover special!" –Meredith S.

"We had my son's 7th birthday with a camping theme and had 6 kids stay the night. They all had so much fun and said it was the best party ever!! I highly recommend for your party. I also slept in one since we had a kid not show up, and even adults fit!!!" –Desirae R.