⛰️ Petrified Wood Hike (Ages 12+)

August 6, 2022 9:00 am - 11:30 am
Cherokee Ranch HQ5036 S. Hwy 85Sedalia CO 80135(303) 688-5555
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This hike is short but rugged so come prepared with sturdy boots and plenty of water. Hidden in the backcountry lies Colorado’s largest Petrified Forest. Join Cherokee's geology guides to see these ancient trees up close, examine the fossilized wood, and learn about the fascinating process of petrification and our theories about the ancient river that deposited these trees here.

It’s an adventure made especially for those with a thirst for geology and fossils, but you needn’t be a paleontologist to sign up.

All hikes require shoes that protect your feet; sandals or shoes that do not cover your feet are not allowed. A minimum of one liter of water and snacks for every two hours of hiking is advised. Most hikes are in open meadows and exposed slopes so hats and sunscreen are also highly recommended.

* Meet at Headquarters NOT the Castle parking lot




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