Recipe Box: Mexican Fried Bananas

πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Yummy Dessert for Cinco de Mayo (or Any Day!)

By Melinda L. Willis April 30, 2014

I love when my office mate comes into work and says these magical words: “I have something you have got to try!” This means she is about to tell me the recipe for some kind of Mexican goodness that her family dines on at home.

She must know me pretty well, because the ones that she shares with me are always simple. I have requested that neither of us ever have to change offices for this reason alone!

Fried bananas are possibly one of the best two-ingredient snacks that I have ever had. I know, I know, fried bananas are not the newest or most original recipe on the planet for those of you who have been cooking and experimenting for years. But for someone like me, who has only enjoyed the kitchen for about a year, it is something that is nothing short of food bliss. That is, if you like bananas. And flour tortillas. And fried anything.

Here it is. Don’t blink or you might miss this simple process.

  1. Place half of a banana in a flour tortilla.
  2. Wrap it up like you are wrapping a present, so that the ends are somewhat sealed.
  3. Cover the bottom of your pan with oil of your choice. I did mine in olive oil, as it was the only thing I had.
  4. Wait for your pan of oil to get hot! If you ever fry food in your household, you know not to hurry this part, and just give it a few long minutes to get nice and hot. Since I don’t usually fry anything, I rushed it the first time and put my tortilla in a nice lukewarm pool of oil that did nothing but saturate the tortilla.
  5. Once the oil is ready, place tortilla wrapped banana in pan. Once browned on one side, flip and brown, so that all sides have a golden brown color.
  6. Let cool for a few minutes before serving. Serve topped with chocolate, caramel, or honey and ice cream on the side. Delish!

I have also made them with a little peanut butter or honey inside with the banana. Every way I've tried it, it has turned out great!

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