🎨 2024 Kids' Classes & Youth Sports Guide 🏃

Extracurricular activities provide physical, social, and emotional advantages.

April 12, 2024

Studies have shown that extracurricular activities help children thrive socially and academically. Benefits include 

  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem,  
  • higher academic success, 
  • better time management skills, 
  • improved social and leadership skills, and 
  • reduced stress.

Whether you've got a toddler, a teen, or a few in between, we've got information on a wide variety of programs for your family.

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Cooking | Dance & Theater | Gymnastics | Martial Arts | Music | Outdoor Recreation & Adventure | Sports & FitnessSTEAM | Special Needs | Swimming

🍳 Cooking

🎭 Dance & Theater

🤸 Gymnastics & Movement

🥋 Martial Arts

🎼 Music

⛰️ Outdoor Recreation and Adventure

👟 Sports & Fitness

📐 STEAM & Educational

💙 Special Needs

🏊 Swimming

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